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I have always been a huge sucker for beautiful things. Papers you can hold in your hands with extra-thick and textured surfaces, rounded corners, custom shapes and colors, textured letters that create an indent or a pressed, textured lettering that you can feel…the works. We’ve always been obsessed with everything fancy and different {in a good way} and detail-oriented, so when we came across Basic Invite, I was completely sold. I’m not even getting married and I’m sold (but I should probably just go ahead and have another wedding anyway, right? Like, a bonus 11-year wedding? Since we just had our 11th anniversary, after all)! They have EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING beautiful and wonderful that you could ever want in a wedding invitation. Of all of the online paper and invitation vendors I have seen, I was really blown away by the beauty of theirs and I knew you’d be just as excited as I am to view all of their pretties and to see how much fun it is to play with the customization options on their site (teehee….you’ll see what I mean in a minute! ;) ;). So I interviewed the company in order to do a special blog post to highlight this beautiful and incredibly detailed set of invitation experts, and here is all of the info I obtained, all laid-out and fancy-like for your viewing pleasure! We figured our first blog post back from our little {haha} blog hiatus should be something that our brides would absolutely love, and I know you will…… Because looking at wedding ideas and pictures is obviously one of the most fun things ever, ever, EVER. We’ll pick back up with more of our own photography soon (honestly, I am a little overwhelmed by the number of weddings we currently have set aside to share {it’s, um….a LOOOOOT. Not a loot. But a LOT!}, so I’m breaking myself in here! Hahaha. No idea whose wedding we’ll start with after this, but I do know that it will be a FAVORITE!! So stay tuned!!! :).

Details about Basic Invite:

These invitations all come with beautiful matching options for the whole invitation suite (and a REALLY awesome online preview where you can view just about any color (for real, you will love playing with this option, as you’ll see that I did-teeheehee!), and what I really loved about them is that when you pick out your invitation, you also have the option of getting all of the rest of the matching beautiful suite that gives you a streamlined look for your entire wedding and all of the events surrounding it, from beginning to end. For example, you could even have your Bridal Shower Invitations as a perfect match with your Wedding Invitation Suite. Or, OOH! Their Save the Date Ideas! Those are even MORE beautiful and perfect!). And there’s something even COOLER below which I think you’ll really love, but we’ll get to that…


I was able to get these images and information from Basic Invite in order to share these (so they’re not ours, but they are SO our style!), and as you can see, they are BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely stunning. You’ll even notice that they have so many incredibly detailed options that you can customize to just about anything you imagine, especially color-wise.

Below are some gorgeous classic wedding invitations that I loved the most and wanted to share with you. I mean, just LOOK at this font! Ahhh!!

Beautiful Custom Invitations With Custom Colors and Styles


I really love how beautiful and current they are with all of their designs. There wasn’t ONE that I didn’t absolutely love. And I REALLY love that the Save-the-Date below totally goes with the rest of the Invitation set. And AHHH-Can we just TALK about that font?!?!? Yes!!!

I’m also a real sucker for gold foil. Love, love, LOOOOOOVE it. Obviously.


Now for my VERY favorite part (okay, okay! So I had several favorite parts!) is the instant updating/color selection preview you can go in and play with on their website. I went in and made me and Will some invitations for our second {i.e. imaginary} wedding, and as you can see below, it was probably a little too much fun for me.

…And then, just for fun, I went in and changed it up a little on the colors. And changed the date to Valentine’s Day. Because, duh.

(I’m thinking that their original color selection was probably way better than mine! But that’s why they are the experts and I’m not! ;). Haha.)

After interviewing Katie Scott of Basic Invite, I had her send me a little bit more information on some of the upcoming Invitation trends in order to share some of her expertise with you as well, since I knew you’d be interested if you’re in the middle of planning YOUR big day (not imaginary like mine, but the real thing!). Here it is:

Let’s talk trends… specifically wedding invitation trends.

Basic Invite places a high importance on both timeless and innovative designs. It’s just as important to have strong classic wedding invitations as it is fresh new ones, but since most of you are familiar with the classics like black and white calligraphy invites here’s what’s trending.

Foil – Gold and silver foil is the trendiest of the trends! Brides are loving the extra pop of glimmer and shine which brings an added sophistication to an otherwise simple design. Foil invitations are perfect for those who love the classic look, but need just a little extra something.

Wood – Real wood wedding invitations are on the rise and are perfect for a rustic wedding theme or a winter wonderland wedding. Real cherry wood veneer is pressure mounted on heavyweight yardstick for a triple thick card. Wood invites are such a upscale and unique look with their one-of-a-kind wood grain texture still in tact— perfectly imperfect.

Foliage – We’re talking florals, greenery, all things botanical. Using natural surroundings as wedding themes, locations, and decor has been trending recently and with that we are seeing so many brides bringing that look full circle through these styled invites.

Photo – Using an engagement photo or favorite picture as the backdrop to wedding invitations is a great trend that helps personalize the invitation. It’s a trendy look everyone will enjoy!

At Basic Invite the trends don’t have to stop there because each one of their designs is part of a set. One of our favorite save the date ideas is to pick your design and create a matching wedding suite with enclosure cards and all.


(It’s me again…Lauren. Just in case you were wondering…)

Don’t you just LOVE the real wood invitation set above? I had to make sure we got that included to share with you as well!

Anyway, we thought you’d love getting to see some fun ideas and trends today, and we know you will now go and spend {probably way too much of} your work day playing with invitations, text, and colors! Because I certainly enjoyed it!

PS-Happy early Valentine’s Day, y’all! We hope you’ll join us at our imaginary wedding by having a mental vacation at about 7pm that evening…or, as the invitation states, “or really, whenever”.


Lauren and Will


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