InstaBooth Station


{Otherwise known as: "The Only Time It's Actually Useful to Use A Hashtag." #Teeeheeeheeee.....}


Explained in detail here, the InstaBooth Print Station is pretty much the coolest thing ever known to man. Here's the scenario: {...Pretend you're a wedding guest...}

You're at a wedding. Everyone is having the BEST time. Ever {Thoughts: OhMyGoodness, WHO is this band?!?!?? Want for my wedding!!}, and you just took the most ADORABLE photo of you and your best friends dancing. Instagrammed. Done.

You all immediately scurry over to the Instabooth Print Station together, and there it lies, right on the fabulous iridescent gold sequin tablecloth: The perfect little four-inch-square glossy print of your photo. WITH A WHITE BORDER. Seriously? Who thought of this??*

You glance over the table full of the other photos that haven't been picked up yet, and the Instabooth-Helper-Person has just taken a second copy of your photo and is putting it into a scrapbook for the Bride and Groom. You decide right then that THAT is the definitely cutest thing you've ever seen, and then you turn back to your photo, squeal with delight at the cuteness, and put it in your handbag....With the stack of 42 {okay, 49} other photos you've already Instagrammed within the last half hour. You've already mentally assigned places for most of them on your refrigerator, taped inside the top bathroom drawer, and framed on your nightstand.

{Thoughts: Want for my wedding.}


*Note: It actually wasn't us who thought of the idea, as much as we'd like to take credit for it. But it took no more than 28 seconds for us to decide to immediately do the setup for this. Because, DUH.

- All hastagged Instagrammed pics starting from the beginning of the day print out at our InstaBooth Station in cute little 4" squares.
- Organically becomes instantly popular {i.e. "goes viral", but in real life} with the guests.
- Actually {and VERY effectively} causes the guests to tag your wedding in MORE pictures {like, a LOT more**}, giving you even more images to look at AS SOON AS YOU HIT THE GETAWAY CAR. In a book.

- Normal/average number of photos posted under the official wedding hashtag at the end of the night for most of the weddings we photograph: 3-7 (one to four of them by me, posting pics of the backs of my own camera, if I have had time that night!).
- Number of photos posted under the official wedding hashtag for the last InstaBooth we did: 229.

- Best thing we've ever seen done: During his welcome speech and announcements, the FOB says this at the end:
"...Tonight we have a couple of very special items we'd like you to know about. First, there is a photo booth set up in the back corner over there. Please go and take as many pictures as you want. They're free! Second, in case you haven't noticed all of the little #hashtags around the room, those are the Bride and Groom's wedding hashtag. We'd love for you to post as many pictures as you can from this day for them using this hashtag (If, like me, you are old and don't know how to use Instagram, just ask one of these young people and I'm sure they'll know how to do it for you!). Annnnnd.......{dramatic pause}......They will be printing out copies for you to take home.......Right over THERE!" *Points at Print Station.* Sudden, excited, LOUD (and I do mean LOUD) audible gasp in the room. Of course it is all of the girls. A couple of guys may have gasped in girl voices so as not to sound too excited for fear of Man Card removal, but they totally were too. You could tell. Their eyebrows went up.

...No less than ten seconds later, as the room is suddenly almost quiet because of everyone pondering how this is even POSSIBLE and if it could actually be true {and how many photos it would be acceptable to tag before seeming like a wedding creeper. [Answer: You can NEVER take too many. The bride and groom will thank you for helping them fill their InstaBooth Scrapbook. Which they get to take home that very night. More about that below]}, you can hear the printer start up. Yep, that's right. It took a whole of ten seconds for the guests to get it and to start using it.

Like I said, BEST. THING. EVER.
{...Until the next "best thing", that is!}

$699 for the first three hours of the reception. Current Sale through 2/1/15: $599 for the first three hours of the reception.

- Double Print/Scrapbook Option: $175. Get double of each print so that the guests take one home and leave one for your scrapbook. Our photo booth guru makes sure your scrapbook is put together nicely (not messed up by any drunkies) and, if you'd like, has it delivered to your getaway car before you make your exit so that you can IMMEDIATELY re-live the wedding on the way to your honeymoon suite!
- Silver or Gold Large Sequin Backdrop Rental: $175. For Everyone to take their own InstaBooth Photos in front of. Have friends take your photos in front of a gorgeous gold or silver shiny background made up of large sequins. Excellent bokeh effect.

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