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    3/1/15: Guess whaaaat?? Spring Specials are coming up, and we're going to get your input on what you would like them to be (I thought it was juuust Christmas, but apparently it's almost Spring now. Thank GOODNESS! Sooo over winter. Let's get back to the pretty photography weather again)!! 67,111,110,116,97,99,116,32,117,115su tcatnoC to get on our list for more info on the Spring Specials (only those that have shown interest in the past or have specifically asked are on our "Specials" list because we don't spam people, so you have to request it if you'd like to be updated with any occasional sales :), OR you can comment on the first blog post below with what you might be interested in seeing on special this time! We won't be able to put every request on special, but we are accepting "votes" for what the majority of our clients would like to get to purchase that they normally wouldn't! So feel free to suggest away! :)

    Congratulations, Newly Engaged Lovelies!! Yay! It seems like everyone is getting engaged lately, and we are very excited to start hearing from all of you who are new "fiancés"! Just as a reminder: If you have previously contacted us about a date, we only hold dates with the contract and wedding deposit. The first person who submits their contract and deposit will receive that date.

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    Thank you for visiting our blog. I am Lauren Aves, and my husband Will and I are Aves Photographic Design. About five years ago (what?!? Not sure how that happened so fast), we moved our studio to 4909 Camp Bowie Blvd in Fort Worth, TX, (soon after which our photography business sort-of exploded; yay! This is only thanks to our God and Savior for giving us EVERYTHING; it's so obvious-how could I not state it before?), and we love our home in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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    XOXO, Lauren and Will

Heather and Jonathan’s wedding at Ashton Gardens was such a beautiful and heartfelt day. We are excited to share the images from this day and to bring back all of those happy memories that they and their families shared!


Thank you for having us, Heather, Jonathan, and family!! We were honored to get to be a part of your day. We hope you love this sneak-peek of images, and we are excited for you to see your full wedding gallery soon! Congratulations!!


Lauren and Will

I have always been a huge sucker for beautiful things. Papers you can hold in your hands with extra-thick and textured surfaces, rounded corners, custom shapes and colors, textured letters that create an indent or a pressed, textured lettering that you can feel…the works. We’ve always been obsessed with everything fancy and different {in a good way} and detail-oriented, so when we came across Basic Invite, I was completely sold. I’m not even getting married and I’m sold (but I should probably just go ahead and have another wedding anyway, right? Like, a bonus 11-year wedding? Since we just had our 11th anniversary, after all)! They have EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING beautiful and wonderful that you could ever want in a wedding invitation. Of all of the online paper and invitation vendors I have seen, I was really blown away by the beauty of theirs and I knew you’d be just as excited as I am to view all of their pretties and to see how much fun it is to play with the customization options on their site (teehee….you’ll see what I mean in a minute! ;) ;). So I interviewed the company in order to do a special blog post to highlight this beautiful and incredibly detailed set of invitation experts, and here is all of the info I obtained, all laid-out and fancy-like for your viewing pleasure! We figured our first blog post back from our little {haha} blog hiatus should be something that our brides would absolutely love, and I know you will…… Because looking at wedding ideas and pictures is obviously one of the most fun things ever, ever, EVER. We’ll pick back up with more of our own photography soon (honestly, I am a little overwhelmed by the number of weddings we currently have set aside to share {it’s, um….a LOOOOOT. Not a loot. But a LOT!}, so I’m breaking myself in here! Hahaha. No idea whose wedding we’ll start with after this, but I do know that it will be a FAVORITE!! So stay tuned!!! :).

Details about Basic Invite:

These invitations all come with beautiful matching options for the whole invitation suite (and a REALLY awesome online preview where you can view just about any color (for real, you will love playing with this option, as you’ll see that I did-teeheehee!), and what I really loved about them is that when you pick out your invitation, you also have the option of getting all of the rest of the matching beautiful suite that gives you a streamlined look for your entire wedding and all of the events surrounding it, from beginning to end. For example, you could even have your Bridal Shower Invitations as a perfect match with your Wedding Invitation Suite. Or, OOH! Their Save the Date Ideas! Those are even MORE beautiful and perfect!). And there’s something even COOLER below which I think you’ll really love, but we’ll get to that…


I was able to get these images and information from Basic Invite in order to share these (so they’re not ours, but they are SO our style!), and as you can see, they are BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely stunning. You’ll even notice that they have so many incredibly detailed options that you can customize to just about anything you imagine, especially color-wise.

Below are some gorgeous classic wedding invitations that I loved the most and wanted to share with you. I mean, just LOOK at this font! Ahhh!!

Beautiful Custom Invitations With Custom Colors and Styles


I really love how beautiful and current they are with all of their designs. There wasn’t ONE that I didn’t absolutely love. And I REALLY love that the Save-the-Date below totally goes with the rest of the Invitation set. And AHHH-Can we just TALK about that font?!?!? Yes!!!

I’m also a real sucker for gold foil. Love, love, LOOOOOOVE it. Obviously.


Now for my VERY favorite part (okay, okay! So I had several favorite parts!) is the instant updating/color selection preview you can go in and play with on their website. I went in and made me and Will some invitations for our second {i.e. imaginary} wedding, and as you can see below, it was probably a little too much fun for me.

…And then, just for fun, I went in and changed it up a little on the colors. And changed the date to Valentine’s Day. Because, duh.

(I’m thinking that their original color selection was probably way better than mine! But that’s why they are the experts and I’m not! ;). Haha.)

After interviewing Katie Scott of Basic Invite, I had her send me a little bit more information on some of the upcoming Invitation trends in order to share some of her expertise with you as well, since I knew you’d be interested if you’re in the middle of planning YOUR big day (not imaginary like mine, but the real thing!). Here it is:

Let’s talk trends… specifically wedding invitation trends.

Basic Invite places a high importance on both timeless and innovative designs. It’s just as important to have strong classic wedding invitations as it is fresh new ones, but since most of you are familiar with the classics like black and white calligraphy invites here’s what’s trending.

Foil – Gold and silver foil is the trendiest of the trends! Brides are loving the extra pop of glimmer and shine which brings an added sophistication to an otherwise simple design. Foil invitations are perfect for those who love the classic look, but need just a little extra something.

Wood – Real wood wedding invitations are on the rise and are perfect for a rustic wedding theme or a winter wonderland wedding. Real cherry wood veneer is pressure mounted on heavyweight yardstick for a triple thick card. Wood invites are such a upscale and unique look with their one-of-a-kind wood grain texture still in tact— perfectly imperfect.

Foliage – We’re talking florals, greenery, all things botanical. Using natural surroundings as wedding themes, locations, and decor has been trending recently and with that we are seeing so many brides bringing that look full circle through these styled invites.

Photo – Using an engagement photo or favorite picture as the backdrop to wedding invitations is a great trend that helps personalize the invitation. It’s a trendy look everyone will enjoy!

At Basic Invite the trends don’t have to stop there because each one of their designs is part of a set. One of our favorite save the date ideas is to pick your design and create a matching wedding suite with enclosure cards and all.


(It’s me again…Lauren. Just in case you were wondering…)

Don’t you just LOVE the real wood invitation set above? I had to make sure we got that included to share with you as well!

Anyway, we thought you’d love getting to see some fun ideas and trends today, and we know you will now go and spend {probably way too much of} your work day playing with invitations, text, and colors! Because I certainly enjoyed it!

PS-Happy early Valentine’s Day, y’all! We hope you’ll join us at our imaginary wedding by having a mental vacation at about 7pm that evening…or, as the invitation states, “or really, whenever”.


Lauren and Will


Happy Fourth of July, America! Land that I love!

This post is dedicated to all of those men and women who diligently serve our country and dedicate their lives to the Military so that we can be free. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have no idea how much we appreciate everything you do.


Blaine is one such guy (he’s a US Marine), and since we are getting Blaine and Allison’s GIANT Sneak-Peek together over the weekend, we pulled several of the best images that happen to look pretty 4th-of-July-ish. Very patriotic!

(Okay, this one is in here just because it’s pretty…..I mean, LOOK at this amazing stage and Bass Hall Auditorium!! There are some Marines in the background, though…)

Back to the Patriotic-ness!

….At the end of the night everyone waved flags as the horn section of the band played them out.

Blaine’s special Marines cap. All official-and-fancy-like.

…..This means he’s kiiiiind-of a big deal, y’all.

Again, thank you so much, Blaine-and-other-Marine-Guys {And-Marine-Wives!}, for everything you do to help keep us free. Will and I sincerely appreciate it, as does the rest of the country. There’s a reason you get to do sword arches at your weddings, and it isn’t just because the guys look so cute in their uniforms (but they do).


Here are some of the amazing vendors who are responsible for all of this prettiness:

Tami Winn Events

Bass Hall

Celine Chandelier- Fauxcades

Quest Drape

Grand Events

DFW Dance Floors

Silver West Limo

Florals: Cathy Chatham

Hair/Make-Up – Marilyn Porter

Caterer- Magdalena’s

Entertainment- Professor D

Videographer- Lynn Films

Cakes: Crème de la Crème


So sweet!!

God Bless the USA! Thank you, Blaine and Allison, from all of us. We are so thankful for you and have an incredible amount of respect for you and ALL of the men and women in the Military. You are the ones who make it possible for us to burn our skin off with sparklers and to catch our hair on fire while trying to launch multiple roman candles at once.

Really. Thank you.


Lauren and Will :)


…Is what Tyler adorably shouted out to Katy at the end of his goodnight Rehearsal Dinner Toast the night before the wedding.

It was decidedly {by me and all of the other girls-and probably also guys-in the room} the best and sweetest, most perfect proclamation he possibly could have given.

And he was right.

He did marry her.

Here is an extra-large Sneak-Peek of our favorites from their wedding day….So far. :)






I would be silly to go on without mentioning Lauren Carrillo from Something to Celebrate. She coordinated this gorgeous and perfect day, and she and her team were AMAZING. AmazingAmazing. Yeah. So you should just know that. Call her, right now, Houston brides!! (Pretty sure I already said something like this in the last post, but I am SERIOUS, people!! Love her!!)

…..And More Wedding Peeps:

Dr. Suzanne Reedstrom, Officiant. Because she was so wonderful and amazing that day!!

– Dress: Romona Keveza from Joan Pillow in Houston

Makeup Texas

Maxit Flower Design

Cakes by Gina

Lakeside Country Club Houston

Memorial Drive United Methodist Church Houston

TOP Band

Nathan Willis Wedding Films

The preciousness is on overload right now!!!


…I think that Cathedral-length veils are probably what make the world go round….

Father/Daughter Pre-Ceremony moment, right before they walked down the aisle.

Mother/Son Pre-Ceremony moment. Not planned for both of them to have such sweet moments at the exact same time…they just did.

Peeking through the crack in the door….

Air kiss!!! I think that this is a classic face for this now-Wackman-family-famous photograph, Tyler! You should make many more of these types of photos for Katy throughout the rest of your days together! I think she’d like that.

And now the real kiss, as soon as they turned the corner after walking back down the aisle.

There are so many of these that I love….So I just kept adding them in to this post!

Pretty sunlight through the veil. But more importantly, HOW HAPPY ARE THEY?!?!?! ADORABLE, guys!!!!!

Here are some of the pretties from Lakeside Country Club that evening….

I could totally eat this cake UP.

A new one for the back of the bride and groom’s chairs: Satin ribbons and beautiful, simple greenery. Gorgeous!!

This was Katy and Tyler seeing their reception for the first time, before the doors to the ballroom opened.

And then, as if the day could possibly GET any better, God gave us THIS light!

Here are a bunch of favorites that are from their Bride/Groom “Romantics” that we took before Katy and Tyler went back to the Cocktail Hour.

YES!!! Perfection!

These are getting put onto facebook RIGHT NOW. For tagging and joke-making purposes, of course. So don’t disappoint, friends of Katy and Tyler. I know you have it in you.

I think there’s a bride somewhere in there…

Awwww! Sweet!!!

I already posted the best one of these three, but right next to it were these two beauties. So, duh, of COURSE I had to grab them, too!

My favorite is the faces they make at each other on the left…

There’s going to be a lot of this kind of stuff….

And this….

There are even a few more where this came from on my personal Facebook page, too! Facebook has been all anti-tagging-for-the-business-pages these days (but we still post stuff on ours too, so do us a favor and like us-if-you-like-us, y’all!), so we’ve been posting most of our Facebook images on my personal page. Yeah, Facebook. Told you! What.


Katy and Tyler, we loved getting to be a part of your wedding. You guys are seriously the best and we can’t say enough how much we love you both!! Now, get ready for some pretty hilarious Reception photos when your wedding gallery is posted, because they are SO funny. And sweet. You will love. I’m positive about this.

We can’t wait!!


Lauren (and Will!)

  • Ashley - Hi Lauren and Will! Your blog is SO amazing! You two are anointed with the gift of capturing beautiful, loving, and joyful moments! I want you guys to know how much I appreciate you posting these gorgeous photos. I’m getting married in a little under a year; May 1st is the big day. It was truly an experience with the Lord to view the photos of Katy and Tyler’s wedding. He is so faithful! My venue looks a lot like the gorgeous country club that Katy and Tyler celebrated in. And my veil is going to be cathedral-length, too! It was beautiful to see the reverence you had for the ceremony, staying outside the church until it was over! That was important for me to see, since I too am going to get married in my beloved church. Thank you guys so much, only God knows how much this blog means to me. XOXO Ashley :)
    P.S. I wish I lived in Houston so you guys could shoot my wedding! But, thankfully, a family friend is going to take some amazing photos for us!
    GREAT JOB! <3

As we finish up Katy and Tyler’s {much-larger-than-normal-because-we-keep-adding-pictures-and-I-think-this-one-is-definitely-going-to-be-the-same-way} Sneak Peek, I wanted to share my initial excitement of Allison and Blaine’s Sneak-Peek in the meantime! So again, this will be considered “Sneak Peek #1”. The second one is forthcoming…

And who gets the credit for this gorgeous one??? Tami Winn Events. AMAZINGNESS!!!!! Tami, you and your team really outdid yourselves with this!! Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was speechless when they saw this space.


The stage of the Bass Hall is a fabulous place to have a wedding! Here’s a teeny bit about how it worked:

This gorgeousness was being set up in the background, on the stage but behind the curtain (although the curtain is actually open in this shot because it was taken right before the guests were let in)…..

For the Ceremony, the curtain was closed and the guests were seated in the audience. In front of the curtain was a HUGE cross, a large set of beautiful candles at the front, and the bride/groom/wedding party were professionally lit by Bass Hall and Beyond.

In order to have gorgeous photos and video from the night, the lighting is key. And you must also have Lynn Films (yes, and us too! Teehee!! For real, though. :). Scroll down to the bottom to view their Wedding Trailer by Daniel Troupe, cinematic genius!

Notice all of the love. And the gorgeous candles. And the love.

And because I know that you can’t get enough of the decor, I threw in a couple of extras.

Also because I couldn’t decide.


More fabulous vendors who were responsible for this gorgeousness-slash-fun:

Celine Chandelier- Fauxcades

Quest Drape

Grand Events

DFW Dance Floors

Silver West Limo

Florals: Cathy Chatham

Hair/Make-Up – Marilyn Porter

Caterer- Magdalena’s

Entertainment- Professor D

…..AND BLAINE, WHO SUNG ICE, ICE, BABY!! AND THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR‘S THEME SONG*!!! Excellent, Blaine. We already knew we liked you, but THIS….

Videographer- Lynn Films

Cakes: Crème de la Crème

{And of course the ones I already listed in case you don’t want to have to scroll up to find them…}

Tami Winn Events

Bass Hall



You simply must look at the gold custom dance floor! Eeeek-so shiny and preeeeetty!!! There are those beautiful cakes in the background, too. By none other than Creme de la Creme! Yummers!!!

This is exactly Allison and Blaine as a couple. Right here. You guys are awesome. Now, go on with your bad selves, being all cute and whatnot!


…..AHHHHH!!!! COOL! I just found out I can embed video here without even trying! SWEEEEET!

Okay, here is the Sneak-Peek Trailer from the amazing Lynn Films!



Allison and Blaine, we cannot WAIT for the rest of your Sneak-Peek to be released later on this week! I literally have no idea how I am going to cut these down. No, REALLY.

(And Katy and Tyler’s is coming up NEXT!! Woot-woot!!)


Lauren and Will

*Like me, you will now have the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Theme Song stuck in your head for the rest of the morning. And yes, also like me you will LOVE it.

  • Pati Gann - Holy Cow! That is incredible. You just have to love Tammi Winn’s talent for style and beautiful events. Gorgeous!