On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. {Katy and Tyler. Sneak-Peek #1…}

Two things:

1) Katy and Tyler, if ever there were a couple who we more wanted to be like, it would be you; and

2) WHOA. Just whoa.


…{…Okay, and}…..

3) EVER.


We’ve been working on your Sneak-Peek, and I must say. I picked sixty pictures. I was trying to pick two. So there’s that.

Annnnd, your “actual” Sneak-Peek is going to be ginormous! Annnnnd it is almost ready*. But I just couldn’t wait any longer.

So here is Sneak-Peek #1! Enjoy these which I picked out of my giant folder for immediate sharing, and more will be forthcoming very soon…


The next image to grace a very beautiful and sophisticated bridal magazine, such as Grace Ormonde Weddings.

….In my opinion, anyway.

The light! And the cutest kiss ever (…until the next one ;).

I had to throw in this adorable wedding blooper, because……just look at Tyler! So fancy.

….Now there’s the debonair Tyler that we know and love! Dipping his adorable bride and making everyone collectively “Awwwwww!!!” (Special Note: I would like to thank you, Sir, for the number of dips you gave Katy during the dancing portion of the evening. This made for many incredibly awesome shots. Not because of us, but because of you two and the cuteness of the dipping!! So perfect!).

We are incredibly excited to share more where these came from! The second, more extensive Sneak-Peek is on its way!

Love you guys SO much, and all of your friends and family, too!!


Lauren and Will


Wedding Peeps who helped make this day gorgeous and who you should check out if you’re ever in Houston. Or anywhere in Texas, for that matter:

Lauren Carrillo with Something to Celebrate. Seriously, we LOOOOVE her and her team!!! So many things that day were efficiently and beautifully taken care of by you guys without even having to bother the bride and groom, which is very admirable and proficient. Very intentional about her work, and she honestly cares about the couple and making their day absolutely perfect.

Dr. Suzanne Reedstrom, Officiant. Because she was so wonderful and amazing that day!!

– Dress: Romona Keveza from Joan Pillow in Houston

Makeup Texas

Maxit Flower Design

Cakes by Gina

Lakeside Country Club Houston

Memorial Drive United Methodist Church Houston

TOP Band (SOOOOO good!!!! Trust us.)

Nathan Willis Wedding Films (We need y’all to move to DFW so that we can be friends!! Loved working with this couple!! Also, SOOO good! Yes, I can say that a second time.)


*Sorry for the extra letters, but they emphasize my point.**

**…And you can’t make a word sound longer without extra letters. Duh.***

***…I’m a mouse. Duh.****

****{For those who have memorized the movie “Mean Girls”}.*****

*****I am incapable of thinking or saying “duh” without adding, “I’m a mouse” before it, but my mom reads my blog so I have to explain since she is probably the only one actually reading to the bottom of this post who hasn’t memorized Mean Girls. Teeheehee-Love you, Mom! ;) Don’t worry; you don’t have to actually memorize Mean Girls just because it is so culturally significant, but you probably should at least get it on DVD and watch it five to ten times in a row for your future students in case they go around saying, “I’m a mouse-Duh”.



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